Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open Source Showcase for Non-Profits in Toronto

On Monday October 26th, I'll be at the "Open Source Showcase for Non-Profits" at the Centre for Social Innovation here in Toronto.

The showcase is a low-cost event where members of the non-profit sector can learn about open source projects relevant to their work. I'm helping organize and will do some presentations as well.

The idea came from Julian Egelstaff about a month ago, and he, Jane Zhang, Joe Murray, Reema Tarzi, and I met just a couple of weeks ago and have put it all together with remarkably little work. That's a tribute to the viability of the idea, the excellent organizing tools that are now available for such events, and the quality of the organizing committee. My own contribution was to set up a CiviCRM install with CiviEvents to do registration, which was impressively easier that I expected - part of my motivation was that I'd never set up a CiviEvents page, and now I'm not afraid of it anymore.

So, visit the information page and register.